Funny Poses Funny Poses Raianne My nose tickles! 79574238 Nigel- Kelly's second son Darth Vader pose 79575144 Willy and Floozy- Kelly's first son and Bourke Parakeet Floozy the bird loves Willy, and Willy has given up trying to chase her, lol 79575145 Suzi Waiting for a treat in between the service 79575952 Nigel Unexplainable- that's a Pug for you! 79576467 Angel- Jennifer's Baby girl A.K.A- Angelica! She was a little devil 79577043 Angel- Deep in thought R.I.P- Sadly, Jennifer had to let go of Angel who was and had been fighting a tumor. xxxxoooo 79577579 Oakley- Jennifer's other daughter What you see, is what you get! 79577580 Teddy Falling asleep while being groomed! Would you believe he is only one year old! 80866343 Raccoon While I was shaving a client, this raccoon was waiting outside the door. Maybe he wanted a trim too! 93104928 Macaw In Sooke outside a Pet Store 102859482 Motorcycle Mama Poodle A Standard Poodle taking a motorcycle ride in Sidney 102859483 Waiting in Line Raccoons lined up to get groomed! LOL These Racoons live around one of my clients house 102859484 Molly Molly showing me her favorite mouse toy 102859485 Charlie Halloween 102862548 Nigel Pug sweet dreams 125174919 Bell I just want to sleep while you groom me! 125174920